Saturday, March 27, 2010


abandoned my blog for some time cause i'm currently addicted to a drama "You're beautiful".

"You're beautiful"!!!!!!!!!!

I want to say it's my no.1 korean drama!!!

For the first time i never watch any boring episode or even scene in a korean drama,

cause every moment is fantastic and exciting!

there's climax in every episode and it has escaped from the common korean drama's bad habit, which is too 'po ma' until I sleep.~

If u watched 'Beethoven Virus' before, u know Jang Geun Suk, and he is the main actor in this drama.

Giv him a big round of applause coz he is too flexible as an actor, funny, cool, serius, kind, warm, weak, all of his expressions touch the souls of the audience!!!!

And Lee Hong Ki, which is the leader vocalist for a famous korea band ft island,
always brings freshness to the audience, makes ppl happy til the max verytime you see him, his cuteness is naturally occured 1!!!!!LOVE HIM!

Therefore, if you are free, get yourself into it, i guarantee u will not regret.

Hope 8tv will broadcast it soon.