Monday, December 17, 2007

First Asian Idol-Hady Mirza

Last night was the Asian Idol result show, i took a deep breathe moments before the result came out. I guessed that Mike is the winner coz i thought Indonesia is a big country flooded by people, and the competition was hosting there also. However, still hoped that Jaclyn can make a miracle. Well, the result had announced, and it is really a miracle, coz the winner is Singapore Idol, Hady Mirza. From his expression, he couldn't believe the result too.

I mean, it is not that he is not good enough, as he is the Singapore Idol, but if comparing all the performance that night, i think that Jac is better than him. Perhaps is because he has the package, good-looking, young, and nice tone although it is not as powerful as Jac's or Mike's. This is what we called commercial value.

Anyway, all the best to him, and i really like the part he was performing with Jac.

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