Monday, December 10, 2007


Yo, long time no see ad guys! Yesterday went to PWTC with my family, there was something like a fair that i would like to call it as college/uni fair. I went there before when i was small and the place was flooded by people that time. Luckily this time the amount of people is not as much as last time, i could still moving here and there by myself but not with the pushing of the crowd. Many colleges and unis set their counter there to promote and to get newbies for their school.

Well, i was not interested in this, of course. What i was interested is those paper bags that they used to put in the advertisement materials and then give it to the...customers i think. I've got many nice paper bags with note books, bookmarks and so on, hahaha! While those advertisement papers...will be ready to recycle.

There was a baking school selling cakes there beside getting newbies. What i like was they let the people to try their cakes, and you can just eat as much as you want.(Just ignore ppl staring at you bcoz you are the customer) Then i saw a boy taking those advertisement papers to read, but his father said to him,"You ar, fry an egg also cannot, still bake." Maybe baking is easier than frying an egg, who knows?

After walking rounds and rounds, i left there and went to The Mall for McDonald. My fist time crossing the road by ignoring the traffic light(is that call traffic light?)as my father said this is Malaysian's style.

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