Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007 vs 2008

today is 020108,
happy birthday to brian's sister,
stay cute, stay pretty, and stay young.

tomolo is 030108 ad,
our school--smks4bk's reopen day,
everything is going to restart,
holidays r going to end.
i dun like this,
coz i dun like my class.

here cums the point.
2007 vs 2008.
for me, 2007 is a memoriable year, busy year, and confusing year.
memoriable year:
i picked up wushu on 2007,
and i took part in my very first wushu competition,
tht was also my very first competition abt fizical energy but not my brain,
and i won my very first medal too.
i injured my leg due to d competition ,
and it was absolutely brought me into trouble.
till now,
i still haven't fully recovered.
i dunno these things can b counted as good or bad,
but all these are memoriable to me.

busy and confused year:
almost everyone says tht form2 is a honeymoon year,
but i dun think so.
those projects, folios, co-curiculums and so on,
had made me mad.
i did many things,
but i dun think tht i did it all sucessfully,
i feel kinda....
just like.....
wasted lots of unnecessary energy,
and stupid..
coz i didn't suceed in anything,
i feel........

what i'm looking foward to 2008,
i hope tht i can b more concentrate,
and suceed in everything i do.

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