Sunday, March 9, 2008


yesterday was a big day for sami velu(sorry if i had spelled it wrongly), Malaysia and most important PAMELA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!WOHOOO!!!

went to pam's party at her house early in the morning, coz i didn't wanna follow my mum to d election mum's car kept turning around the taman, and searching for pam's house.finally, i spotted it coz its like a jungle, hahaha!!!(i'm not joking)

once stepped into the house, i was given a paper cup(sorry leehom, i know u dislike it)and pam asked me to write my name under d cup(pam:"But don't write B.Y.,coz there's 3 B.Y.").i didn't think much of it but then only i realised it was a 'haunted' cup in the evening.Haunted?coz whoever held it will non-stop drinking plain water until u need to get into the toilet just moments after u got out from it.(wanna know y? ask the bday gurl)

ok, back to the topic. after a while, the pinkie came and followed by mean shan.then, the G-couple came. both of them were wearing likely shirts and...nth ad.after about an hour, gby they all came. then, to shorten d passage, i straight to the meal.after the meal, pam guided us to make sushi. erm, the taste, can't describe it here coz its too great!!

(jump to 2 hours after d sushi session)HERE COME'S THE CLIMAKS,THE HAUNTED CUP.
the game, quite nice, or quite scary, overall, we just kept drinking plain water till d stomach almost bursted.

finally, the birthday cake came was homemade and really nice.

we went to the park to get some fresh air, but it rained suddenly, therefore we went back to pam's house.a few minutes later, my mum came, and i left the house.

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