Friday, November 27, 2009

My brother is back.

He has graduated from his A level.

Actually he had came back for almost one week,

And i'm kinda jealous cause he will have about half year's holidays.

My one-month holidays seem kesian when facing my bro's.

Holidays do not seem to be 100% relaxation,

As I have so many things to do (although i haven't start any of it).

Even if i don't have,

I still hope that 2010 won't come so fast (lung language)

It's gonna be suck for me.

Visited to classmates' blogs,

And most of them get enjoyed when they know they are still in the same class,

to be specific, s1,

But i am not included in the atmosphere.

This year I always wanna change this and that and Pam knows it very well.

I kept changing my mind in front of her and she just stayed there and watched me, listened to me.

Thanks, hahahahaha.

But until now, i still hope to come to you.

Even if I can't, i don't feel like wanna stay in S1.

I know it's kinda annoying when i'm trying to push away what people hope to get but does not have the chance.

I have my reason.

Not that i'm not happy.

Nothing disappoint me.

But there are facts and feelings.

I hate pretending emo or really emo-ing in front of others.

But i'm blogging here, self-contradicting, hahahahaha.

My mother always thinks that i'm not independent.

That's why i always swallow my problems and digest it by myself.

I think it is a way for me to grow up.

To move a plant that the roots have deepen into the soil,

It is hard to pull it out.

And the plant can be easily injured.

But a new habitat may give a better condition to it.


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